iOS vs Android & The Future

iOS vs Android & The Future Many might not know the time when wired telephone connections were prevalent, but everyone knows an Android or an Apple today. Mobile devices have become an important and integral part of human communication experience. Social media and ocean of different apps, make life easy, fun and efficient. You can […]

Google AdWords Design Update

Google shared on Google+ that they have updated the design for the Google Adwords reporting interface ever so slightly. I believe Google internally called this update, “Kennedy Phase 2” based on the image screen shot they shared being named that. The changes include: The left-side navigation bar has been changed from white to gray, and […]

Smartphones Account For 40 Percent Of US Search Ad Spend In Q4

In Q4, smartphones continued to chip away at desktop paid search contribution in the US. The share of ad spend that went to smartphones rose nearly 5 percent from Q4 2013 to account for more than 40 percent of total search spend. That comes from Marin Software’s Benchmark Report for Q4 2014. Desktop’s share of […]

Google Disables Discussion Search

Yesterday, Google has completely removed the ability to use their discussion search filter. Earlier this year, Google removed the feature from their search filters but savvy searchers were able to access it via Chrome extension or by going to which would power the discussion filter. Google completely disabled it so now you can no […]

SERP and Internet Marketing

When it comes to Internet marketing the particular biggest question is constantly what is efficient? You will need an effective Internet marketing technique however the thing you don’t want to accomplish is actually spend time on an Internet marketing technique which is inadequate. One of many most popular brand fresh Internet marketing terms will be […]