Author : Justin Roger

“For the first time, I couldn’t pay myself. How can I avoid this happening again?”

Many small businesses are in it for the love not the money, but if you find yourself unable to pay yourself each month, something has to give. Brooke Vulinovich from Social Club (pictured above) based in Perth submitted just that question for our recent Kochie’s Business Builders: The Cash Flow Comeback digital masterclass panel, supported […]

Business Report Examples & Samples For A Modern Company

In your daily operations, it’s likely that you notice your processes and ‘activities’ constantly changing – sales trends and volume, marketing performance metrics, warehouse operational shifts, or inventory management changes, among many others. All these little alterations in your organizational activities are impacting the global well-being of your company, your warehouse, your restaurant, or even […]

A Guide To Finding The Right KPIs

Managing to develop an effective product roadmap goes beyond a product manager’s (PM) vision or intuition, even if these aspects matter as well. In an increasingly data-driven business world, the product management field isn’t exempt from this need. Online data analysis tools will help you sharpen your product sense and give more weight and credibility […]

Locako introduces ground-breaking products – Kochie’s Business Builders

It almost seems impossible to develop new ideas in the highly competitive dieting and healthy eating market. However, the founder of Locako, Ally Mellor, regularly defies these odds, introducing Australia to new keto products since 2017. Ally Mellor was one of the pioneers who educated Australia on the possibilities of a low carb keto diet when […]

What NOT to do as a business owner according to Australian small business statistics

When it comes to what makes a small business succeed or fail, the statistics paint a compelling picture of where businesses typically go wrong. Business accounting expert, Kris Dieckmann, took a deep-dive into the most recent Australian business statistics – here’s what he found. Defining a small business Let’s start off with discussing the accurate […]

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