New Microsoft Tool Aims To Help You Maximize Ad Earnings

Microsoft Advertising has announced the launch of Monetize Insights, a new analytics dashboard aimed at helping publishers monitor and optimize their advertising revenue streams more efficiently. The dashboard is now available globally within Microsoft’s supply-side platform, Monetize. Monetize Insights Features Monetize Insights provides publishers with visual graphs and comparison charts for a quick, holistic view […]

New AI Framework Powers LinkedIn’s Content Moderation

LinkedIn rolled out a new content moderation framework that’s a breakthrough in optimizing moderation queues, reducing the time to catch policy violations by 60%. This technology may be the future of content moderation once the technology becomes more available. How LinkedIn Moderates Content Violations LinkedIn has content moderation teams that work on manually reviewing possible […]

Google Highlights Forums & Profiles With New Structured Data

Google announced today that it will start supporting structured data for discussion forums and profile pages in Google Search. This change will allow Google to better identify and display information from web forums. These updates also impact how content from forums and personal profiles appears in search results. Lastly, Google announced new reporting capabilities for […]

Google On Traffic Metric & SEO

Google’s recent Search Off the Record podcast discussed the important details of SEO, including a thought provoking segment about how SEOs can benefit from realign their thoughts about traffic with other possibly more important goals. Traffic As A Measure Of Success? One of the most misinformed things that search marketers do is measure their success […]

Google Bard’s Latest Update Enhances Understanding Of YouTube Videos

Google Bard’s latest update gives the conversational AI chatbot the ability to help users better understand YouTube video content. While the enhancement promises to be useful in many settings, I decided to put Google Bard’s “understanding” capabilities to the test. Google Expands Capabilities Of Bard’s YouTube Extension According to the latest updates page for Bard, […]