Content Marketing Myths 2021 | 4 Common Content Marketing Myths Debunked


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Content marketing is the most significant aspect of any digital marketing strategy. If performed right, it may lead to the most desired results. But unfortunately, many brands and companies are still struggling to make most of it in their marketing strategy. The surveys have indicated that of all the companies, only 42% of them believe that they are able to execute their content marketing strategies, effectively.

Owing to the fact that these companies fail to generate the effective content marketing strategy and so they don’t see conversion happening. Well, to develop and execute a content marketing strategy the right way, there has to be a clear picture about what is content marketing all about and how does it work. There are certain myths associated with content marketing that do not let the clear vision develop about it.

Let’s delve into finding out the myths associated with content marketing and determine the realities standing against them.

Myth #1: Content Marketing is Just About Posting Content

Content Marketing is Just About Posting Content

Content development requires lot of effort such as conceptualization, research, writing and lot more. Once the content developed is posted, people feel that its done! Yes, as per them, once the “publish” button is hit, their job is done. That’s when they commit the first mistake. Merely by publishing content, you cannot just get away with it, especially when you had been aiming higher. But in case, you have written that content piece with a long-term plan, you should be visiting it back again to see how did it perform. On the basis of its performance, you would be able to get a good insight into how should you mould your content further, so that it resonates with the audience’s mindset.

The content creator should never abandon the content, once its published. Remember, it will always belong to them and so it becomes important for them to keep updating it time to time. The content should be created according to the current times, and that makes it trendy. To keep it trendy, it should be updated.

The performance of any content may depend upon several metrics, that you need to determine. Apart from this, there may be many factors impacting the response it receives. You can even perform comparative analysis between your content pieces. That would give you a good idea about where have you been right and what wrong have been doing. For example, you write blogs of various lengths, topics in different styles. By comparing them, you would get a fair idea about what kind of blog did get a better response. The analytics will help you understand it even better, and you will be able to make it a data-driven strategy.

Performance analysis plays the most crucial role in moulding the content marketing strategy. Without doing so, you only end up wasting your valuable resources just by beating about the bush, and achieving nothing at all.

So, what should be done to break this myth?

Revisit your content piece in specific intervals of time, to review and analyze if it still fits into the ongoing scenario, or caters to the requirements of the readers. Notice the trends in traffic and engagement of the audience, and on the basis of these findings, optimize your write-ups.

Myth #2: Content Marketing is Not Required Everywhere

Content Marketing is Not Required Everywhere

Content is what drives any digital marketing strategy today, directly or indirectly. Without such a strategy, you would be working only on the basis of assumptions. Content marketing strategy requires understanding the audience, their behavior, requirements, and then creating the content that serves the purpose. There has to be a definite objective behind it, which should be followed, without which the brands, be them from any industry, cannot flourish. Therefore, it’s very important for every brand to devise a specific content marketing strategy that would work for them.

Content is the core of any marketing strategy as it helps you reach out to your audience in a more authentic manner, rather than just pitching in with a sales push.

Myth #3: Success of Content Marketing is Judged with Increase in Revenue

Success of Content Marketing is Judged with Increase in Revenue

It would be unjustified to say that the success of any content marketing strategy should be measured with the increase in revenue after its implementation. Of course, there are many other metrics to judge the performance of any content marketing strategy, but it’s certainly not revenue.

Content marketing helps in boosting businesses by enhancing its brand value and image. It increases brand awareness by helping it reach the right audience. It also helps the prospective customers take their purchase decisions. Not only this, it keeps the brand name on top of the mind of customers and even gives a way to word-of-mouth marketing.

Content marketing may not be directly associated with increasing the business, but yes, it leads to various possibilities that eventually help in revenue generation.

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Myth #4: Publish The Content As Much As You Can

Publish The Content As Much As You Can

It is mostly believed that the more, the better. Well, the more may lead to crowd sometimes. Same goes for content marketing strategy. Some brands carry the assumption that the more they would post, the better it would get. But it’s nothing more than another myth.

Sometimes, in a rush of just writing, you tend to ignore the content quality. When the content is created beyond a particular capacity, the quality is traded, which puts an adverse effect on the entire marketing effort.

So it is better to create as much quality content as you can. Maintain quality standards within a specific amount of content and of course the time. Write all that would interest your reader and not bug him. Remember, if you want superior results, stop posting mediocre content. That’s another key in the bunch, for the success of your content marketing strategy.

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Doing It the Right Way

A content marketing strategy may lead to great results provided, it is based upon facts and not myths. The myths only lead to the wastage of crucial resources, carrying wrong beliefs and assumptions. Of course it requires time and effort but if performed in the right direction, it has the power to shift the scenarios from ‘not happening’ to certainly happening.

Keeping aside all these myths, Tarika Technologies performs content marketing following data-driven strategies that perform and drive results.

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Content Marketing Myths 2021 | 4 Common Content Marketing Myths Debunked
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