Google shared on Google+ that they have updated the design for the Google Adwords reporting interface ever so slightly.Google Adwords

I believe Google internally called this update, “Kennedy Phase 2” based on the image screen shot they shared being named that. The changes include:

  • The left-side navigation bar has been changed from white to gray, and the highlight color is now blue. This creates more distinction between the navigation tools and your campaign data, providing a streamlined navigation experience to help you find what you need quickly and easily.
  • All campaign type icons have been re-designed to help you more easily see the campaign types you’re looking for. You’ll notice more distinct icons for Search, Display, Search Network with Display Select, Shopping, and Video campaigns.
  • Radio buttons and check boxes have been refined to give a more consistent look and experience with other Google products you use.

Here is a screen shot showing you those changes.

Google AdWords Design Update - click for full size

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Google AdWords Design Update