Google Sets New Rules For Bulk Email Senders


Google has announced new requirements for bulk email senders to reduce spam and make inboxes more secure.

The new policies will take effect in February 2024 and are aimed at companies and organizations that send large volumes of emails.

The new requirements focus on email authentication, easy unsubscription from mailing lists, and limitations on overall spam rates.

Here’s what businesses and email marketers need to know about the changes.

New Mandates For Bulk Email Senders

Starting in February 2024, Google will require senders of over 5,000 emails per day to Gmail inboxes to follow these practices:

  1. Authenticate email: Bulk senders must authenticate their emails using established protocols like SPF, DKIM, or DMARC.
  2. Enable easy unsubscription: Gmail will require bulk senders to provide recipients with a one-click unsubscription option. All unsubscription requests must be processed within two days.
  3. Send wanted email: Gmail will enforce a clear spam rate threshold, which senders must stay below.

Google believes these “tune-up” measures represent basic email hygiene, noting many reputable senders already follow these practices.

Google plans to provide implementation guidance for those needing assistance in the months leading up to enforcement.

Impact On Email Marketing & SEO

These changes underline the urgent need to authenticate emails using established standards.

Additionally, you must stay under a clear spam rate threshold and provide an easy way for recipients to unsubscribe.

If you have an email list with over 5,000 recipients, you should get familiar with these new requirements and take steps to meet them before February.

A few tips to stay compliant include:

  • Using a reputable email service provider
  • Keeping email lists clean
  • Segmenting lists for more targeted emails
  • Further personalizing emails

Following these practices is still recommended if your email list is under 5,000 recipients.

Looking Ahead

While not solving every email security issue, these new Gmail defenses should reduce spam and abuse.

In addition, the requirements follow open Internet standards, which means the benefits extend to different email providers.

Adopting the required practices will ensure you continue to thrive as email marketing evolves.

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Google Sets New Rules For Bulk Email Senders
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