Instagram Adds New Ways To Create Content


Instagram added new ways to share content with reels, feed photos, carousels and stories plus added a new for content creators to gain insights into content performance.

Instagram added the following new ways to create content:

  • Streamlined Video Editing
    New undo and redo functions enhance video editing, saving users time.
  • Dedicated Media Clip Hub for Memes
    A media clip hub facilitates the creation of engaging memes by incorporating audio into reels.
  • Text-to-Speech and Font Style Updates
    Updated voices, fonts, and text styles offer users enhanced creative expression.
  • Custom Stickers for Personalization
    Instagram users can now turn any part of a photo into a custom sticker to personalize reels and stories.
  • Mood-Capturing Photo Filters
    New photo filters allow users to express different moods in their photos and carousels.

Update To Creating Content With Reels

Instagram is testing new flexibility and creative options to content creation with new ways to scale, crop and rotate individual clips, plus the new undo and redo functions.

Users will be able to create memeable content by incorporating audio clips from the platform’s clip hub into their reels.

Instagram is also adding ten new English language text-to-speech voices, which will be available to a limited group of countries.

New features for fonts and text styles are rolling out to hundreds of languages. The new features are six new fonts and styles, including the ability to add outlines to fonts.

More Creative Options For Reels

Instagram is also testing new ways to add audio to reels.

According to the announcement:

“And when you’re looking to find the right audio for your reel, we’re testing new ways to access the audio browser or trending audio.

You can now quickly jump to the audio page from the top of the camera roll and find what inspires you.”

Another new experimental feature is the ability to create custom stickers from user photos and videos, as well as eligible content on Instagram.

This new feature is powered by Meta’s ‘Segment Anything’ AI model.”

Lastly a better editing experience is coming with a better functionality for drafts.

The announcement explains:

“We’re making it easier to edit your in-progress reels by giving you a streamlined view of all your saved drafts.

Not sure which draft you were editing? Soon you’ll be able to preview your drafts, rename them, and schedule them in advance.”

New Filters And Better Editing

Instagram unveiled new filters that make it easy to express moods in photos and videos.

Instagram Adds New Ways To Create Content

Users can now find and preview images and photos in their camera with updated preview feature, and zoom and search.

Improved Content Performance Analytics

Lastly, Instagram announced improvements to their performance analytics that will help users better understand how other users are engaging with their content.

Instagram explained:

“We introduced a new Reels metric on Facebook and Instagram called Replays and we updated the definition of Reels Plays to also include Replays in addition to Initial Plays.

You may notice an increase in your Reels Plays as a result of this.”


Instagram’s latest updates offer a more streamlined user experience that makes it easier for them to be creative and gives them new ways to express themselves.

From enhanced editing tools to experimental features like custom stickers plus the improved analytics, Instagram is making improvements that keeps the platform fresh and will probably keep their users happy.

Read the official announcement on Meta:

New Ways to Create Content on Instagram


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Instagram Adds New Ways To Create Content
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