Internet a growing world Not many years ago internet was just a medium of connecting people and sending across messages, while today internet is much more. Today internet is a part of growing world or let me put it in this way; internet is a growing world in itself. Did you know that internet was never meant to be a source of entertainment and education? The concept of internet came long back in 1950s and was used for the purpose of transmission of information or signals only. Hardly anyone including the large number of inventors (who came up with different ideas and gave their contribution in the making of the technology behind internet) knew that soon internet would break all barriers to become the biggest avatar contemporary communication system.

Since its beginning internet has fascinated people like us. With so much to explore, internet is surely a charmer. But apart form its charm and attractive power, internet is growing or booming across the world as a world of its own. Internet has websites, search engines, communities, web pages, surfing sites and much-much more. Today almost every country is dependent on internet and there are available many surveys and graphs, that support or act as a proof of penetration of internet in every corner of the world. According such surveys internet usage has been seen at large in Asian countries followed by the European leaders, America, Africa and areas of Middle East. So far, Australia has experienced relatively lower penetration of internet technology. These countries and regions across the world are adopting internet as part of them with more and more speed due to the need of becoming better. The statistics of penetration of internet in these countries and regions are quite contrary to the usage statistics. Here penetration of internet has been seen at large in the American regions followed by Australia. Reason behind the adaptation of internet in every corner of world is the benefits and the uses of internet present in large number. Today internet is one of the biggest platforms for advertisement and marketing. People and companies are seen earning fortune using internet for the promotion and selling of their product or goodwill. Trade and finance has been using internet more and more to make profit and fortune.

Various search engines and downloading sites available on internet are a part of the revolution and growth of internet on its own level. Internet also act as a virtual shopping mall, where you can shop, order and buy anything from any corner of world benefiting self, the company, the site and the country too. Internet is now in our pocket, on our desk, in our television and almost inside every gadget available. From i-pods to laptop and mobile phones, internet has been spreading itself in every field of technology to give the best of utility. Internet connects countries and people on just a click of mouse or button.

This growth of internet is something that even the internet ‘inventor guy’ must have never imagined. With changing society and trend internet has changed itself too. Today internet is a word every lay man knows. Internet is a solution for every question, it is a business for some while for some internet is mode of boosting their business, students are using internet for knowledge and entertainment and so on. Thus people like us depend on internet for almost every single thing is supporting the growth of internet worldwide in terms of region and usage, as well as its services.

Internet a growing world!