When it comes to supercharging a small business, it can feel like there are a number of obstacles standing in the way – a common one being not having the right tech to grow with your business and allow your plans come to life. Which is why the Powered For Success competition, in partnership with Dell Technologies, was so exciting.

With the Powered For Success competition, the hunt was on for six small businesses that needed a technology boost to really help bring their big business ambitions to life. There were so many fabulous nominations, but in the end our panel of judges agreed that the following Australian businesses were the worthy winners:

Zara Lord - uPaged

Zara Lord, founder

Surry Hills, NSW

uPaged is a nursing workforce marketplace that connects AHPRA-registered nurses to casual nursing shifts in hospitals. uPaged was born of an idea that there had to be a better way for great nurses to get great nursing jobs when they want; and for quality healthcare organisations to find quality casual nurses quickly.

“A few years ago, I was working full-time hours, 3 days a week, as a Registered Nurse & Intensive Care Specialist, and supplementing my income with agency nursing work. After 8 years’, I started to feel unfulfilled and wanted to make a greater impact. I’d also repeatedly observed the disconnect – as agency nurse and ward nurse – between agencies, nurses, hospital & patients … I established uPaged to solve all these problems.”
– Zara Lord, CEO and founder

Larissa Rose, Glowing Green

Larissa Rose, Director

GG Enviro
Currumbin, QLD

GG Enviro  is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, specialising in all environmental management and regulatory services, energy assessments, waste auditing and enviro education.

“I created this company to deliver, impactful and purposeful environmental change at a local level.  The market is changing and now the demand for sustainable, environmentally focused businesses, products, services, supply chains and building developments is seeing GG Enviro expanding our capacity to support the growth of this sector.  We have been established for 10 years, and with decarbonising stewardship becoming part of our net zero future, we can see tangible results from our clients delivering purposeful, impactful and localised environmental change.”
– Larissa Rose, Director

Verity White, founder Checklist Legal

Verity White, founder

Checklist Legal
Elwood, VIC

Checklist Legal is a boutique law firm servicing female founders, specialising in collaborative contracts and fixing commercial legal issues for purpose-led businesses.

“I started Checklist Legal because I saw how the uncertainty around legal docs can stop clever businesses like yours from taking the next step for greater impact, more clients, and achieving your business vision.”
– Verity White, founder

Shaun Button, founder, Koa Recovery

Shaun Button, founder

Koa Recovery
Waterloo, NSW

Koa Recovery is a purpose-built float and cryotherapy centre derived from passion, knowledge and experience offering evidence-based treatments with a range of benefits to both your physical and mental self.

“Koa Recovery was built out of a very personal experience with injury and recovery … 3 years ago I suffered a back injury which put me on the sideline from sport and life in general. I had no outlet and fell into a state of depression. Up until that point I knew recovery was important, but had no idea it was about more than the occasional rest day.

After struggling to find answers I decided to make it my mission to learn everything I could about recovery. When travelling in America I found these awesome recovery facilities and started using the services we now have at Koa Recovery. My pain improved. I felt more relaxed, flexible, energised and had less pain – I started to feel like my normal self again.”
– Shaun Button, founder

Audrey Whisker, founder, Whisker Architecture

Audrey Whisker, founder

Whisker Architecture
Craigieburn, VIC

Whisker Architecture is a sustainable architect who focuses on values-based design and works with clients to deliver projects ranging from home designs and renovations to school and workplace design.

“Our studio is founded on the principles of simple and restrained style – relying on functional design, natural light and natural textures to bring delight … My particular interest is in how people interact with public and private spaces, and how those spaces influence how we act. ”
– Audrey Whisker, founder

Peter Bourke, CEO, We Ride

Peter Bourke, CEO

We Ride
Spring Gully, VIC

We Ride is an advocacy organisation that raises awareness of the multiple benefits of cycling for individuals, communities, businesses and Government, and advocated for policies and investments to create more cycle friendly communities.

“We Ride Australia builds on nearly 20 years of national advocacy to empower decision makers and inspire all Australians to choose cycling.”


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