Microsoft Copilot AI With Bing Will Use OpenAI GPTs And Plugins


Microsoft announced significant upgrades to Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise as part of the new Copilot AI Companion, with planned integrations with OpenAI GPTs and plugins.

An important new feature for enterprises is the incorporation of commercial data protection for all users signed in through Microsoft Entra ID.

In addition to security improvements for enterprise users, Microsoft is introducing a dedicated platform for Copilot. The new website provides a specialized chat experience, serving as a central hub for Copilot interactions.

The goal: to give more people access to the benefits of advanced artificial intelligence, which Microsoft data revealed to increase productivity and quality of work.

bing ai chat rebranded as copilot ai companionScreenshot from Copilot, November 2023

Meanwhile, will continue to feature AI chat, offering AI search assistance for those who prefer the conversational approach.

Included in the announcement is upcoming support for OpenAI GPTs within Copilot, enabling users to customize Copilot for specific tasks.

Combining GPTs with previously announced OpenAI schema widens the scope for developers, opening the door to new users experiences that are more aligned with individual needs and preferences.

In addition, Microsoft announced plugin support for Copilot, based on the OpenAI schema.

These plugins will appear across various Microsoft applications featuring AI Copilot, including Bing, Edge, Windows, and Microsoft 365.

Developers will soon be able to publish Copilot plugins through the Microsoft Partner Center.

Microsoft also provides a testing environment to ensure high-quality experiences for its Copilot users, giving developers the tools to refine chat responses across various scenarios.

Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, joined OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman on stage during the keynote of the DevDay conference to explore their continued partnership and development of new AI tools.

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Microsoft Copilot AI With Bing Will Use OpenAI GPTs And Plugins
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