Mobile App Development Company

What is Mobile App Development?

We are a Mobile Application Development Company with more than five years of Industry experience. In this short period of time we have worked with a long list of clients, both domestic and International. We have been developing apps for both Android and iOS platforms and our aim is providing you the best possible solutions!

Our journey to the top is made possible by our employees, who are a hardworking bunch of dedicated professionals, giving their all every day. We trust that every individual holds the key to their own success. We respect determination, and our aim is providing help and guidance to anyone who is willing to pursue their dreams with all their heart.

Their curiosity and willingness to take on anything new and interesting is a major reason why Online Net Soft has come so far in a short three year journey.

We here at Online Net Soft believe that every idea, if honed through creative thinking and innovation, has the potential to be a unicorn.

Our process begins with:

Product Strategy

Somebody has an idea they think can be made into an app; they come to us. We discuss their idea and figure out what need the application will address (If they haven’t already).

Then we discuss the flow and design of the application with them, and provide them our suggestions as well.

Once we’ve decided the idea behind the application and the platform for which the app is being made, the Development Process begins-


Next step is Designing the UI/UX wireframes. Our designers go for the most efficient and effective wireframes. They consider every aspect of required for a good application and after they are done, the wireframes are sent to the client.

Client-involvement & Iterations

Our clients play an active part in our development process. They are always in the loop and their opinions are always welcome. Iterations that they provided are considered and implemented accordingly.

Brewing the Code

After that, our programmers begin with coding for the platform that has been decided. Time flows, while our programmers brew the code like mad scientists.


After the initial phase of development is over, we take the application for a test drive. Mobile App testing is done to see if there are any areas to fix or improve in the application.

After finalizing everything, the application is made live for the people.

Client Acquisition & Data- analytics

Online Net Soft not only provides services in App Development, but we also help our clients with user-acquisition, once the app is made live. This includes services like Backend support and data-analytics. We support, guide and help our clients through the entire journey.

We stand for innovation and excellence in IT; and that is what we provide.

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