NeevaAI: Now Available Worldwide


Ad-free and tracker-free search engine, Neeva, has expanded its NeevaAI tool internationally.

NeevaAI combines the capabilities of large language models like ChatGPT with the accuracy and up-to-date information of the Neeva search engine.

The AI system examines hundreds of millions of pages and returns a single, comprehensive answer along with links to sources.

NeevaAI focuses on helping publishers address the issue of decreased referral traffic and ad revenue caused by search engines delivering answers without proper attribution or links.

The tool was initially launched in a beta version in the US in December 2022 and is now accessible for both Free Basic and Premium users worldwide.

What Makes Neeva AI Different From ChatGPT?

Neeva AI is different because it’s designed to overcome the limitations of large language models like ChatGPT, such as their inability to provide current facts from credible sources.

NeevaAI accomplishes both by evaluating a source’s relevance and reliability based on a page’s content and links.

In addition to providing a synthesized answer to a user’s query, NeevaAI offers citation cards, which display machine-learning summaries of the top search results.

NeevaAI: Now Available WorldwideScreenshot from:, February 2023.

Neeva Founder and CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy states in an announcement:

“AI is already beginning to make search one of the first and most clearly disrupted industries. NeevaAI leverages in-house LLMs and refined training models with its full system search stack to bring authentic real time AI search to the everyones. Our goal has been to responsibly integrate AI and provide authoritative answers that you can trust.”

How NeevaAI Supports Publishers & Content Creators

In a press release, Neeva emphasizes its commitment to supporting publishers and content creators, who risk being significantly impacted by AI search models.

Neeva has pledged to allocate 20% of its top-line revenue to content creators and publisher partners when their content is used to respond to a Neeva user’s query.

Additionally, Neeva is working on integrating AI search directly on publisher websites.

The English version of NeevaAI is now available in the US, UK, and Canada. Local language versions are available in Germany, France, and Spain.

Since its launch in the US in 2021, Neeva has gained nearly 2 million users and boasts one of the most extensive independent search indexes.

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NeevaAI: Now Available Worldwide
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