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A Goldman Sachs report estimates the digital marketing career in India alone to be $160 billion worth by 2025. Interpretation in terms of jobs leads us to a figure of 60-65 lakhs of digital jobs. Incredible, isn’t it? Right now is the perfect time to explore this progressive domain for a rewarding career.

Digital marketing is a fascinating potpourri of various elements such as content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, data analysis, pay-per-click, and so on. It is one subject that is highly versatile and offers a multitude of skills. What is more, is that each of those skill subsets can be a career in itself.

Among the vast array of digital marketing jobs, here are some of the more mainstream options.

Digital Marketing Manager: The one job where you have to don many hats and think out of the box continually is the digital marketing manager. He should have the capability to take an integrated digital marketing strategy from conception to execution through the various teams and then track and optimize across channels. There is never a dull moment when you are a digital marketing manager.

Skills: Strong leadership capability, excellent communication, and managerial skills, highly creative, strong analytical skills, and up-to-date with the latest and best practices online.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist: SEO professionals are most sought after today, and the demand has only led to a hike in salary. With cut-throat online competition, it is imperative to have a good search engine optimization strategy to be on top of the game.

Skills: Strong keyword research, link building, brainstorm innovative ideas to increase organic traffic, aid analysts in designing and implementing SEO strategies.


Search Engine Marketing Specialist: SEM specialists are much like SEO specialists and are responsible for attracting visitors through paid advertising and building a brand identity. Managing ad campaigns, responding to emails, researching, content creation are all a part of the SEM job.

Skills: SEO, organizational skills, pay-per-click, communication and writing skills, and understanding of stats, data, and analysis to determine the best course of action.


Social Media Specialist: Given that millions of internet users online are on various social media platforms today, you cannot underplay the role of social media. They curate content specifically for social media platforms, monitor site metrics, and engage with the audience, responding to queries and comments.

Skills: Great communication skills, familiarity with consumer analytics, and complete knowledge and love for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.


Content Management Specialist: There is no digital marketing without content. A content management specialist in that regard is an essential job profile. They are responsible for all content creation, editing, proofreading, checks for validity, and promoting a website through various outreach methods.

Skills: Working with content curators, interacting with all other teams to ensure the appropriateness of content across channels and platforms, and ensuring content readiness within the deadline.


Web Development and Web Design: An aesthetic website with a functional and user-friendly interface results from all the hard work that the web developers and web designers put in. A website is much like the face of your brand online.

Skills: Video editing, project and production management, and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.


Analytics: Various digital marketing tools provide you with tonnes of data, but you need an analyst to make sense of that data and provide you with a way to move things forward. A digital marketing analyst is yet another indispensable job profile.

Skills: Attention to detail, ability to efficiently interpret data, statistical knowledge.


Audio/Video Production: With video consumption at its peak and an integral part of digital marketing today, the job profile of AV production is in high demand. The millennial and Gen Z consumers are more internet savvy and rely on videos for education, up-skilling, entertainment, learning new hobbies, and even for product reviews.

Skills: Video editing, project and production management, and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.


Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing involves optimizing your content across websites, mobile apps, social media channels, and other mobile devices. With people relying on their smartphones for everything and a complete eclipse of the TV, even the e-commerce industry sees better conversion rates from mobile devices.

Skills: Research, campaign management, organizational skills, and creativity.


E-commerce: The boom in the eCommerce sector has necessitated the new job role of an e-commerce manager. They are the people who handle the online sales presence and are responsible for tasks that include planning promotional campaigns, market research, pricing strategies, and returns management.

Skills: Experience with online retailing and web merchandising, knowledge about the latest innovations and trends in e-commerce.


Email Marketing: Emails are still powerful ways to connect with the audience and expect conversions as well. Dedicated email marketing managers take care of the planning, development, and implementation of email campaigns and strategies.

Skills: Creative ideas for email marketing campaigns and experience with the email marketing automation process, following best practices for lead generation.


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Online Digital Marketing Course by Government Recognized Institute
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