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Keywords play the key role in any SEO strategy. Though, there are many other aspects too that impact SEO ranking, such as website loading speed, inbound links, and more, yet determining the right keywords matters a lot. No matter, how great other factors may work, unless the right keywords are used in the strategy, all the efforts will be in vain.

Keywords & Their Intents

There’s an intent attached with every keyword. While determining the keyword, it is important to first determine the objective of the content.

Keywords & Their Intents

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There are usually four types of intent associated with keywords, such as:

Informational Intent

Keywords with an intent of informing and educating are used in the content meant for the visitor who visit a website or a webpage while on a research on something. At this stage, they are not prepared to jump to any conclusion, and rather look for the right information that may help them take the right decision eventually. But this stage is too premature to trying to compel them to buy anything.

Transactional Intent

The role of keywords with this intent is applicable on both the situations – buying and informational. The reader may or may not be in a buying mood. They may wish to know more about any particular concept, despite being convinced to some extent too. So, these keywords should be wisely chosen, so that they provide information as well as contain the power to convince fully as well.

Navigational Intent

The role of these keywords is pretty defined as they take the user where it intends to reach. They contain name of the brand so that when the person searches with those brand names, they are automatically navigated or taken to the exact page or information they are looking for, about a specific brand. So the content written around these keywords is about specific brands only.

Buying Intent

These keywords are meant to convince the visitor for taking the buying decision. It is understood that they have had performed ample research on any given subject, and that they are ready to take the decision about whether to make the purchase or not. The content written around such keywords intends to develop the need for the person to buy.

Especially for a B2B company, the keywords with buying intent are most crucial for their SEO strategy.

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Factors Supporting Buying Intent

Buying intent indicates that the person has crossed the early stages of gathering information, and is now at the buying stage. So the associated keywords ought to be as specific as possible. These keywords may not be as searched about keywords, and may be on the fingertips of only the relevant audience. So, even you need to search for the keywords that are very specific and aid in conversion, bypassing the unnecessary routes of the sales cycle.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

The keywords that have more words in them are more specific and therefore cater to the need of being specific to generate the buying need in the user. Such keywords are entered usually by the person who is in dire need of anything and wishes to take the decision soon. It clearly specifies exactly what the user wants.

For example, when the user searches ‘finding a job,’ it gives many ideas and probabilities, such as – the user may be looking for some tips that they can implement while finding a job, it they may even be searching for the ongoing trends that they must be aware about. But when the user searches with a long tail keyword like ‘how to find a job in one week,’ no matter, how vague might it sound, but clearly indicates the intent of the user, according to which, they need the job and are ready to take decision, and so should be landed to the page that gets them what they want.

Similarly, when you just search ‘digital marketing’ is quite a searched term, but when you search ‘digital marketing agency’ then it clearly indicates that you are looking for a company that provides digital marketing services, or you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency.

Testing the Keywords on Google Ads

Testing the Keywords on Google Ads

Determining the right keywords is not as easy as it may sound, but it would be better if they are tried and tested for assured outcomes. You may have lot many keyword options but being sure if they would convert is what ultimately matters. That’s where the role Google ads comes into play. While creating on-page SEO strategy, you can test these keywords on Google Ads first and determine if they are capable of drawing conversions. This way, you would be pretty sure about the keywords that you choose and of course your strategy too, as it will be based on the right selection.

Keyword Determining Tools

Keyword Determining Tools

To determine the right keywords with the right intent, you need to perform the keyword research. There are numerous keyword determining tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush, and many more. These tools quickly fetch a complete list of keywords that are high on buying intent.

Constantly Tracking & Measuring

Constantly Tracking & Measuring

New keywords or what we call buzzwords keep popping up every now and then. So it’s important to keep a constant track on them, to be able to use them any time. A successful marketer always tries their hands on them to identify strong keywords with the buying intent. Depending upon the demand the keywords can be selected and strategy can be updated.

To market a brand, they should constantly be trying to determine what the prospective customers and existing ones think of them, and should accordingly evolve the marketing strategy. The best way to be on the upstream is, keeping a close watch on what you competitors are doing. Look for the keywords that your competitors may be using, so that you don’t miss on any advantage of smart and innovative strategies.

On Final Lines….

Well, evolution keeps happening in the digital world. What seems fine today may become outmoded tomorrow, and therefore requires a digital marketer to keep adopting the new and trendy, time to time. It can never be – do and forget! You should constantly be performing research, identify and adapt to the change. Change brings range and certainly draws conversions by closing the deals leading to profits.

As one of the leading SEO agencies, we keep a close and constant watch on the latest trends in the world of digital marketing, including the right keyword determination, which forms the base of entire strategy.

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