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Flow is what required in every process, to lead to efficiency, whether it is an app development process or a buying process through it. To achieve a perfect flow in a buying process, it is important to automate it so that the bottlenecks can be removed, and the hard-earned customer gets a good experience.

Most of the customer journeys these days, begin with mobile apps and so, all that matters to these apps, is performance and great customer experience. Automation is becoming crucial for these mobile apps as they need to be up-to-date to ensure the optimum customer experience.

According to a source, the automation in Omni-channel marketing can lead to 250% increase in purchase and engagement rates than single-channel marketing automation, as represented below:

Source: Instapage

This can be achieved with complete automation, though human touch with personalized experience are always be there.

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Let’s delve into how can app automation lead to enhanced user experience and performance. Apart from this, there are several tools that can help automate the apps for better performance.

Now the first aspect you need to ponder about is, whether your app needs to be automated or not. How is automation going to help your app perform better?

Well, app automation is all about attaining a smooth workflow between various platforms, such as social media platform to the landing page and eventually the following page, where the customer is taken for the desired action.

For this, all the platforms that will be involved are landing page with or followed by lead capture form; your inbox to cater to the leads generated, a CRM to save contact information of the lead and last but the least, a medium for booking the consultation. You need to be prepared with all the mean and automate them much in advance, before you run any ad campaign.

Yes, a journey cannot begin unless it is assured that all the paths leading to any milestone are defined and connected, or else it may turn out to be extremely a difficult one.

Of course, the manual intervention is needed to connect them, but that will be extremely tedious, involving downloading and uploading the files, copy-pasting the content and what not, thus challenging efficiency and increasing the probability of errors too.

Since many mediums are involved in this buyer’s journey they should be well in synch with each other. For example, when someone submits the form on your landing page, an email should instantly reach their inbox, to acknowledge that their request has been received and that they will be contacted soon. This is possible only when the user details are instantly passed to any email marketing medium and CRM.

Also, when the user signs for the lead magnet, their details in the CRM should be updated. All this requires a well thought about plan that focuses on establishing perfect synchronization between different mediums, else the lack of process flow and the higher probability of error may lead to various issues pertaining to bad app performance, user experience and customer loss.

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Automation Plan for Establishing a Perfect Workflow

Automation Plan for Establishing a Perfect Workflow

Adopting any latest technology and integrating it with your current system, without having a suitable plan in mind, may not generate any result, and even if they do, you won’t be able to measure it. You will only complicate everything for yourself and would end up into a big confusion about whether to continue with it or not.

So, it is important to first set your goals and learn about how automating your app will make a difference in your app’s and business performance.

For example, if you are thinking about integrating chatbots in your current system for better user experience, start analyzing the customer journey even before the automated workflow is established. Try to find out how are your customers finding the solution your integrated system is providing.

All You Need to Know About the Customer Journey

All You Need to Know About the Customer Journey

It is always wiser to start learning and analyzing about the customer journey as soon as possible, as it helps you to know about what and where are the things going wrong. You identify the points of frustration that are responsible for customer repulsion, and thereby try to eliminate them at the earliest.

By doing so, you will be able to determine some really crucial aspects you should be considering for optimizing customer journey:

  • Clear idea about the way customers interact with your brand
  • Areas where every stage of customer journey can be automated
  • Improvement of customer experiences
  • Determine how the tools assist in improving the journey

Setting Up Goals at Every Level

Setting Up Goals at Every Level

To be able to measure the performance of the workflow, you should set your goals first. They goals may be set both in broad as well as narrow terms. For example, the main goal could be – increasing the sale. The narrower goal could be about providing personalized experience through email messages for every slab of the audience.

Once the goals are set, you should audit your resources to find out, what difference would automation bring along, to their performance. This will help you to determine the opportunities that you will quickly benefit from automation.

Automation Shouldn’t Replace Human Touch Completely

Automation Shouldn’t Replace Human Touch Completely

It is good to automate processes, but only in areas that require only mechanical intervention, and not where human interaction is involved. While automating the mediums that are involved in carrying a customer’s journey, a due consideration is laid upon sparing some areas, such as CMS, where the content is still uploaded manually, devising email marketing after analysing human behavior which certainly requires human intervention, posting on social media pages, conducting surveys with customers and analysing results.

Yes, technology cannot replace human touch, completely. Therefore, make sure, to automate as much to leave a scope for human intervention, no matter, even in the activities that are redundant.

Tarika Technologies automates business processes without trading human touch that really matters in a customer journey.

So, how to determine which processes should be automated and which not?

Well, you may categorize the entire system into two: Static system and Dynamic system. Static system stays stable and does not require attention, while Dynamic system is quite flexible, agile, and is driven user behavior, data extracted and other quantitative aspects, that make it measurable.

Static systems can easily be automated as they require minimal concern, owing to the fact that they are based upon limited set of rules. Begin with simple automation, and implement it gradually in complex systems.

Let’s look at how workflow automation can be applied to achieve goals and execute tasks at each stage of the customer journey, as well as building out operational systems that fit your needs.

Automation Saves You from Silos

Automation Saves You from Silos

Digital marketing is all about employing various channels. It’s about social media marketing, email marketing and lot more. When all these channels are integrated, processes smoothen automatically, or else they either require manual effort and time, or end up becoming silos.

For example, for an eCommerce brand, running ads on Facebook for targeting visitors on the website requires manual effort. Its automation can lead to the addition of new customers directly from other shopping sources to the custom audience selected for Facebook ads, as soon as they make a purchase.

Here, the Facebook ad is integrated with that shopping source for adding the customers automatically.

Similarly, when the visitor fills the form on your website or the landing page, willing to buy or even avail a free service, they press the submit button. All the information is added for the automated email workflow.

So, automation is basically about unifying various channels and platforms that are independent otherwise.

Let’s Conclude…

App automation not only is effective in marketing, but also enhances the operations. By automating your system, you can certainly improve your operational capability, as well as lay more focus on other crucial strategic activities.

As a leading app development company in the US, Tarika Technologies provides automation services to optimize business processes and help them to grow.

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Mobile App Automation | Why Mobile App Automation is Important for Business
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