6 Audience Ads Updates From Microsoft Advertising


In its latest article, Microsoft Advertising highlighted a series of updates to various features aimed at helping advertisers maximize ad campaign budget, reach new audiences, and increase ad options for specific verticals.

6 Updates To Audience Ads

This month’s news featured six updates to Audiences Ads, which leverage consumer intent signals, such as searches, web activity, and profile data.

This data allows brands to target an audience ready to convert on MSN, Microsoft Edge, Outlook.com, and additional publisher placements.

6 Audience Ads Updates From Microsoft AdvertisingScreenshot from MSN, October 2023

Automating Real-Time Bids For Conversions Or Budget

To simplify bidding, Microsoft is rolling out Maximize Conversions and Target CPA.

These features will allow Microsoft to automatically adjust real-time bids for the most conversions or an average target CPA (cost per action) over a 30-day timeframe.

Expanded Audience Ads Availability

In addition to new bidding features, Microsoft expanded its Audience Ads to 58 new markets in August, now covering 187 globally.

Predictive Targeting With Audience Intelligence

The recently released Predictive Targeting for Audience Ads utilizes Microsoft’s audience intelligence to find audiences more likely to convert but not considered by brands.

Placement Across Microsoft Casual Games On Windows Computers

Microsoft is rolling out several new placements for Audience Ads, starting with Windows computer game interfaces. By 2024, it is expected to be available for all Microsoft Casual Games.

Ads For Microsoft 365 App Users

This month, Microsoft is rolling out new Audience Ad placements on the free Microsoft 365 app for consumers in the US. EU markets can expect it for Android in January 2024.

Video And CTV Ads

Announced at DMEXCO, Video and CTV Ads connect brands to high-value audiences at scale through online video and connected TV partners.

Microsoft Advertising Updates For Verticals And Professional Services

To broaden its appeal, Microsoft is renaming its Hotel Campaigns to Lodging Campaigns to include accommodations beyond traditional hotels.

Microsoft also rolled out more vertical-specific ads across its search partner network, including Credit card and Property Promotion ads.

As an industry first, Microsoft introduced Property Promotion Ads for Vacation Rentals aimed at vacation rental customers.

Microsoft plans to add more professional services ads, which include Automotive and Tours and Activities,

Microsoft’s blog post concludes with a reminder for advertisers to try the Performance Max open beta for predictive solutions and automated workflows.

The extensive updates show Microsoft’s continued commitment to providing powerful tools for brands and advertisers to reach the right audiences to maximize conversions.

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6 Audience Ads Updates From Microsoft Advertising
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